Human performance isn’t in the workplace anymore. It's remote.

It’s when conference calls, stand up meetings, progress updates and development pauses.  

20 minutes, twice weekly. We get your team to change pace, and focus on themselves.

Give your team Awwesome. Reach out
Companies that believe, teams need a change of mental and physical  well-being in the day.  
Your company can do the same.
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How it works

Twice weekly, we run a 20 minute team experience session with you team.
At the start of the week, we’ll dive into the check-in session. Integrating alignment, movement and focus, so you can feel ready to go for the week ahead.
At the end of the week, we’ll complete a check-out session. Focusing on body and mind decompression and reflect on our intentions and achievements of the week.
Human performance matters, this is why its so important to focus on the well being of your team. 
Our performance specialists, help pace your team mentally, set weekly intentions, and teach them physical movement in their work space.
We send you weekly reports on teams progress. It gives you teams emotional  that rarely gets spoken about at regular team meetings.
Feelings matter, we care.   
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The first two weeks is on us. Free. 
Lets setup a quick meeting. 
We love what we do.  
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